Hi my name is Sophie and Yoga has been a huge passion for me in my life for the last 15 years.  My journey started after the birth of my first child and I was looking for something to help me stop smoking and manage stress levels.  It has then grown into something much deeper and I have used Yoga and other modalities to help me heal and release past trauma.

I have a lot of personal experience dealing with mental health and trauma related issues and i'm very happy to help anyone who is struggling with these issues.  I can come from a place of true understanding and compassion for the difficulties some people face and most importantly help you to heal and move on.

My teaching style is mindful first and foremost, always encouraging participants to firstly connect with their bodies and to look deep within themselves. It is here where the peace is found.  I like to focus on the chakra system and classes will have a different feel each week to embrace the element of the chakra i'm working on. 

I have taught a wide variety of people including teens, boxers, footballers, rugby players, men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Although some people will need specialist 121 sessions there are adaptions for pretty much anyone, everyone can benefit from Yoga in one form or another.

I teach large or small group sessions, Cacao sessions, 121 sessions and hold regular workshops and annual retreats.


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