June Offerings

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Join Sophie at her monthly women's support groups.  Using a mixture of simple grounding Yoga, Tarot, Cacao and Sound Bowls.  Leave feeling deeply relaxed, lighter and clearer.

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Come and join Sophie, for a fantastic Chakra Balancing and Vision Boarding Day retreat, held in a stunning private and secluded location in Keston.

Sophie is teaming up with Lauren and Dave over at the Home of Self Transformation, once a month, from May - September 2021 to host a Chakra Yoga and transformative Full Moon Day Retreat.

There will be three retreat options, Yoga, Reiki Trainings and Meditation.

Each option is amazing and the grounds are beautiful. 

Sophie Russell Yoga

Chakra Yoga and clearing


Intuitive Coaching

Tarot reading (group or individual)

Sophie specialises in working with women with trauma and/or mental health issues. 

Classes, private sessions, workshops, day retreats and residential retreats are available.