An 11 day, private Facebook group program, to help you manage the  anxiety symptoms you currently experience and to start you on the road to RECOVERY.


This will have daily tips, topics for focus, movement routines (Yoga & Pilates based)  and guided meditations for positivity, empowerment, grounding, stress and sleep management. I will be taking the best from all the numerous things i have used on my healing journey.  This will be very accessible for the total beginner to Yoga or Pilates.


This group will stay on Facebook indefinitel,y so you can access all the videos and tools whenever you need them.


I have come back from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal tendencies, Eating disorders, Self Harm, Addiction. To now living medication free, free from addictive and self harming behaviours and I am able to sit with myself and respond to any challenges that come my way without going into overwhelm.  This does not need to be something you endure your entire life.


I care passionately about helping others to break free from anxiety, to empower themselves and to go from merely surviving in life to THRIVING and loving life!


So invest in yourself! Take that first step to changing your life.


Please check out my other VIP option (spaces limited)


What are you waiting for?

Choose Power over anxiety


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