Duration 60 minutes


A treatment involving 2 practitioners. 

Joe (Level 2 Reiki Practitioner) & Sophie providing grounding and the Sound Bath.


You will receive a Reiki, or Distance Reiki treatment depending on circumstance and request. 


Sophie will be there alongside him using various different sounds and aromas to enhance the experience and bring deep relaxation and healing to you. They also use crystals in their treatments.


Whether in person or not (distance Reiki), it is equally as powerful. Reiki is a universal holy energy that is not bound by the human limitations we believe to be true. 


What is Reiki? 


Reiki is a gentle, non evasive,  mode of healing.  It is open to everyone and does not contraindicate any health conditions. Reiki is a powerful, yet mainly subtle, holy energy.


The treatment involves the practitioner placing hands, or hovering hand over specific areas of your body, while you are laying or seated. Your preferences on this will be very much respected and honoured. 


Reiki practitioners are attuned in their training to be able to receive large amounts of energy that are then simply channeled through the practitioners body and into yours where you need it most. 


It is a different and unique experience for every person, at the very least you will leave feeling deeply relaxed.


Reiki is great for numerous conditions. Here are some examples:





Sleep Disorders

Eating Disorders

Chronic Pain



Heart Disease

Just to name a few! 


Gift vouchers available


The treatment will be in St Pauls Cray, Orpington. There is an additional charge for Sophie & Joe to travel to you.



Reiki & Sound bath x2 practitioners