In this 90 minute session you will receive a combination of these two treatments.


Reiki is a gentle but powerful healing.  It involves Sophie placing hands, or hovering over specific areas of your body, while you are laying or seated. Sophie is just a channel for the holy, universal energy to come through and assist with emotional and physical healing.


Anyone can have Reiki, it is completely safe and non evasive.  It is a different and unique experience for every person, at the very least you will leave feeling deeply relaxed.


Sophie feels this is great for physical aliments, as well as mental health issues.  Especially if you are in a space of overwhelm, Reiki can really help.


Sophie will use a mixture of Tarot and Oracle cards to access helpful insights for you. The cards really help to shed light on confusion or indecision and offer a different perspective that you may not have considered.


This can be a general reading, or with something more specific in mind.


The reading can be done either in person, or via zoom. There is also an email option where you will receive a written reading. This gives you plenty of time to reflect and process the reading. 


Gift vouchers available

Additional charge for Sophie to travel to you.


Reiki & Tarot reading