A 2 hour private session completely tailored to you and your individual needs. A safe non judgemental space for you to release any tension/stress/anger/anxious energy you are holding on to.


It's very healthy to release the anger that you do get, in an appropriate and non harmful way.  If you don't express or acknowledge the anger you do get, we either lash out at others or it gets stuffed back down into the body, which can cause all sorts of problems.


You have the POWER to CHOOSE if you want to do all you can to improve things for yourself and find freedom or to stay in the pain.


You can let out this stress in various ways:-


- boxing and pad work

- yoga or pilates sequences designed to release anger and to build inner and outer core strength

-cleansing practices of the energetic areas we hold stress and anger

- breathing techniques

- Indian head massage (targets head, neck and shoulders)

- meditation

- Sound bath (crystal singing bowls and gongs)

- Tarot insights to help bring clarity on your situation


This is an invaluable investment for yourself, choose to put yourself first and ignite your inner power!

Gift vouchers available

Release your stress, find your inner strength and power!


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