Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a soothing and deeply relaxing, healing treatment, that can help you truly shift and transform.

The Reiki Practitioner is simply a channel, who has been attuned (opened up) to hold more energy.  The practitioner then places hands on the body, or hovers, if preferred, to various areas of the body for the energy to go to.

This is a holy and powerful energy that can not be explained to be understood in the mind as such, it really needs to be experienced.

Sophie has experienced first hand the deeply transformative effects from this healing and also witnessed it in others she has treated. 

People who have had done many years in talk therapies and other modes of healing and Reiki has helped them to heal these parts of themselves, where other modalities could not.

Reiki is fantastic for all ailments and conditions as it is non evasive and will bring the body back into homeostasis (balance) where the body is in the optimum position to heal.

Sophie sometimes complements these treatments with Sound Bowls and Tarot insights if requested.