Monthly Programs

Let Love in

February 1-28th 2021


Calling all women!


Come and join Sophie for the month of February exploring all things self love and self care.


Lots of women are so busy nurturing and looking after their loved ones, that they often are running empty themselves!


So you can utilise this gift of being natural care givers and gift it to yourself for the month.

With your own cup full, you will then have more to give, in the best way possible, to the people you love too..


There will be a private women's only Facebook group, providing a comforting and uplifting space you can go to and if needed a space to share confidentially.


There will be early morning Facebook lives discussing self care and self love topics and tools and leave you feeling energised and ready for the day with some positive things to focus on. Don't worry if you can't get on the live, they will be posted to the timeline afterward.


There will also be various other posts throughout the day for you to engage with if you choose to.


Sophie's 3 weekly online classes (Core, Restorative & Chakra Yoga) will be included in this package too, they will be via zoom. The recordings will be posted onto the group too for you to do at your convenience, if the class times do not work for you.


All her classes this month will have a love theme of some sort to aid release and healing and they are open to all abilities, all levels and all bodies.


Many mothers and women are really feeling the pressure right now, so all is optional, no pressure, no expectation, just offerings to help you when you need it.

Having more time with clients on a daily basis for 28 days, can really bring great results, much more significant then in a weekly class or a workshop.

It takes 28 days to form a new habit, so lets get some new ones based on self care and love in place and watch your life transform!


VIP Option


If you choose the VIP option, you will receive x2, 30 minute private zoom calls with Sophie (worth £70),

x3 30 minute VIP member only Sound bath sessions with my full set of Crystal Chakra Singing bowls.

For the final week Sophie will be joining forces with her partner Joe to provide a powerful Distance Reiki session focused on your Chakras, alongside her Singing Bowls and other instruments.

Don't let the word distance make you think this is any less powerful!

These are deeply relaxing and healing and can provide powerful shifts. 

Spaces will be limited to a small amount for the VIP option, so if this is appealing to you, get in touch before they sell out!


If you would like to discuss this with Sophie further, please get in touch and  a 15 min connection call can be arranged. 

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