12th - 18th September 2021 

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Check in 2pm Sunday 12th  

Check out 10am Saturday 18th

Typical Schedule

8-9.30am Morning Yoga 

10am Breakfast

10.30-1pm Free time

1-2pm Lunch

2-4.30pm Free time

4.30-6pm Restorative Yoga

7pm Dinner

(This is just a rough guide and subject to change). 

A very laid back and relaxed atmosphere will be provided on this retreat in this beautiful beach front villa.


2020 has been intense to say the least and Sophie and Joe are so excited to be offering you the space to decompress, laugh, have fun, connect with other humans again, restore, recharge and find a positive focus for the future ahead on this retreat. 

There will be plenty of fun and transformative things offered to do on this retreat (see below) for those who want it and the option to just slow down and do what appeals to you each day too to those who prefer.

What's Included


Morning and Evening Yoga sessions

Unconscious Mind Therapy Workshop

Chakra and Yoga Philosophy Workshop

Group Healing Reiki session with Reiki Master

Cacao Ceremony

Sound bath and meditation sessions

 Breakfast, lunch & Evening meals, cooked by a Professional Chef

Snacks and soft refreshments

Optional Additional Activities/Excursions (extra charges will apply)

121 Reiki Healing Sessions

121 Unconscious Mind Therapy Sessions


Paddleboard Yoga

Surfing https://waveridersurfschool.com

Dolphin watching & snorkelling stop at the island of Los Lobos

and plenty more.


Sophie and Joe are passionate about helping others to realise their true power and our ability to heal most things within ourselves.

Their aim is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives and help them on their road to balance, inner peace and happiness.


Using a combination of mind & body techniques, Reiki, Plant medicines and the wisdom of the Tarot,  they provide a deeply transformative experience to anyone with an open and willing mind and heart.


There will be daily morning invigorating sessions right on the beach front decking. You will be so close, you will hear the sound of the waves flowing in and out as you look out to the beautiful expanse of sea.

In the early evening practice, it will be a chance to really unwind and slow down, to restore and replenish your body and mind. 

Life can be very busy, with layers of tension building in the body over time. In these sessions there will be extra time in these poses to deeply release on every level.

These sessions will be open to every level of practitioner.

Sophie has had a whole range of people on her retreats. Experienced Yogis, to brand new beginners.  Others with multiple injuries or conditions on her retreats in the past, so trust Sophie can accommodate you and lead you through a safe, supportive practice for every body.


There will be a workshop held by Joe (Unconscious Mind Therapist) who will teach you about the mind and how it works in a simple, relatable way and run through some techniques to help you get the best out of your mind and bring about significant long lasting change.

Sophie will be providing a workshop also, going into more detail on the Chakra system and Yogic Philosophic principles, translating them into our modern day language and way of life, giving you a deeper awareness and framework to use for your benefit and growth.

Open discussion and interaction will be a part of this informative and enlightening experience and questions welcomed.

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

There will also be a Cacao Ceremony on this retreat.  Sophie has found this to be a powerful tool in healing.  This plant medicine is great for all matters of the heart and loving yourself. 

Cacao is raw chocolate, great for deep meditation, for clarity of situations, for release of emotions.  The Cacao is optional, you can choose to simply lay and enjoy the healing sounds if you prefer.

Sophie will also be using her full set of Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls.  All tuned to the energetic frequencies of the corresponding Chakras. These sound baths are deeply relaxing and releasing and coupled with the healing sounds of the waves in the background, these sessions will be pure bliss!


A buffet style spread will be provided in the mornings after morning practice.  There will be various options such as freshly cut fruit, granola, Greek yoghurt, toast and fruit juices.

Lunch and dinner with dessert will be provided by a professional Chef. All healthy plant based meals, Vegetarian or Vegan.  There will also be some healthy snacks provided if you get peckish in the day and plenty of water and herbal teas, coffee etc. Meal times are the perfect opportunity to bring the group together in a relaxed atmosphere. The food will be filling and delicious, as well as nourishing for your body.

Dinner is provided every evening apart from the last night (Friday) and a group meal out together will be arranged.. 

Its a great way to finish off the retreat.

They are a deeply bonding experience and the final night out together in a different atmosphere is lots of fun.

A restaurant affordable for all will be organised.






Sophie is an intuitive healer, primarily using the body, Tarot, sound healing and Reiki.

She is a qualified Level 3 Yoga & Pilates Teacher and  Indian Head Masseuse also. 

Her teaching style is one of deep focus and mindfulness. 

She has Level 3 qualifications in the Anatomy & Physiology of the body, so you will be taken safely through the practice and appropriate adaptions can be given for an individual needs that you have.

Her passion is the Chakra system and she centres her practices around these to bring deep energetic shifts and combines that with her psychological knowledge, to bring about  deep releases and revelations for her participants.

Joe aka The Reiki Geyser

Joe is a Reiki Master and Unconscious Mind Therapist.  

He's focus in life is to help other people overcome their issues and to live their best possible lives with zero limitations.  He clears blockages and shifting a person's stagnant or negative energy held in the body with pure and positive energy.  He uses the deeply relaxing element of Reiki to take people into the ideal receptive state for the Unconscious Mind Therapy to take root.

Joe will also be available for private sessions in either or both of these techniques during the retreat.




£300 deposit (non refundable)

Payment plans are available

Flights & transfers are not included.

In the event of us not being allowed to travel, full refunds will be given.

(Flights & Transfers not included)

Many people come on retreats by themselves and you will be paired with someone suitable.  This will be a great bonding experience, where a lot is shared so you will leave feeling close friends.