12th - 18th September 2021 

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Check in 2pm Sunday 12th  

Check out 10am Saturday 18th

Typical Schedule

8-9.30am DynamicYoga 

10am Breakfast

10.30-1pm Free time

1-2pm Lunch

2-4.30pm Free time

4.30-6pm Restorative BeachYoga

7pm Dinner

(This is just a rough guide and subject to change). 

A very laid back and relaxed atmosphere will be provided on this retreat in this beautiful beach front villa. At home many of us have endless things to schedule in, rushing from one thing to the next. I want this to be a break for you, a time you don't feel you have to do anything other than what you want to do. Being true to yourself and giving yourself what you need is Yoga to me.

What's Incuded


Morning and Evening Yoga sessions

2 Workshops

Cacao Ceremony

Sound bath and meditation sessions

 Breakfast, lunch & Evening meals, cooked by a Professional Chef

Snacks and soft refreshments

Optional Additional Activities/Excursions (extra charges will apply)


Paddleboard Yoga

Dolphin watching & snorkelling stop at the island of Los Lobos

and plenty more.


You will practice far more then just yoga poses on this retreat. You will receive a mindful, thought provoking and healing practice.  One that encourages you to stay focused internally, so that you can take this deeper awareness and apply it to your every day life situations.  Bringing the unconscious into the consciousness. Sophie is passionate about our ability to heal most things within ourselves and the aim is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives and help them on their road to balance, inner peace and happiness.  If you come with an open mind, the effects can be transformative.


In the mornings overlooking the sea, we will be practicing a dynamic style of Yoga. We will be generating heat in the body, making us stronger physically and emotionally and burning through blockages. The body needs to be strong as well as flexible, balanced.  There will be variations for every level.

In the early evening practice, it will be a chance to really unwind and slow down, to restore our bodies and minds.  Life can be very busy, many people feel they rarely get the time to slow down and just BE. These sessions will be mainly practised on the beach, to absorb the grounding effects of being in contact with the sand, bringing us back into resonance with the earths energetic frequency.  The calming sound of the waves rolling in and out will complete this deeply relaxing experience further. 


In one of the workshops we will be going deeper into Yogic philosophy, covering the eight limbs of Yoga as defined by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, in an easy to understand, relatable way, discussing how these can be applied to our modern day lives. This will be ideal for those wanting to deepen their practice, beyond the physical poses.  The asanas are but one limb, there are 7 more to explore.

In the other workshop we will be practicing inversions in a bit more detail, a chance to work on strengthening drills and techniques to help you prepare for these stronger poses, all appropriate for your ability.  Facing what can be extremely triggering fears for some is deeply transformative. The self belief  and trust that is developed as a result is extremely powerful and life changing.


There will also be a Cacao Ceremony on this retreat.  I have found this to be a powerful tool in healing, the more i work with the plant the deeper I heal, it is very good with self love issues, which i believe is the root of pretty much every issue!

Cacao is raw chocolate, great for deep meditation, for clarity of situations, for release of emotions.  The Cacao is optional, you can choose to simply lay and enjoy the healing sounds if you prefer.


A buffet style spread will be provided in the mornings after morning practice.  There will be various options such as freshly cut fruit, granola, Greek yoghurt, toast and fruit juices.

Lunch and dinner with dessert will be provided by a professional Chef. All healthy plant based meals, Vegetarian or Vegan.  There will also be some healthy snacks provided if you get peckish in the day and plenty of water and herbal teas, coffee etc. Meal times are the perfect opportunity to bring the group together in a relaxed atmosphere. The food will be filling and delicious, as well as nourishing for our bodies.

Dinner is provided every evening apart from the last night (Friday) as we will all go out for a meal together. Its a great way to finish off the retreat. They are a deeply bonding experience and the final night out together in a different atmosphere is lots of fun. A restaurant affordable for all will be organised.

Sophie Russell

Sophie is a qualified Level 3 Yoga Teacher, Indian Head Masseuse and Reiki Practitioner.  Her teaching style varies preferring to work intuitively with the group. Sophie also enjoys bringing in creative flows that keep the body guessing. You will be taken as deeply as you are willing to go, a safe environment will be provided for you to let go and release.  


£850 earlybird (limited places available)

£950 thereafter

£300 deposit (non refundable)

Payment plans are available

Flights & transfers are not included.

Many people come on retreats by themselves and you will be paired with someone suitable.  This will be a great bonding experience, where a lot is shared so you will leave feeling like close friends. 

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