Sound Healing

Each cell in the body carries a vibration and so does the sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls.

The bowls work to rebalance and realign your cells vibration, which gets disrupted by things like technology, or other people's energy for example.

This too impacts your mood and behaviour. 

So the bowls help to recalibrate you.

They reduce stress and anxiety levels, taking you into a deeply relaxed state, which supports the whole mind, body and energetic system.

The bowls Sophie uses, align with the 7 major chakras (energy centres) which will work to bring them back into harmony and balance.

Sound Bath & Reiki Evenings

You can experience Sophie's Sound Bowls at a monthly Sound Bath in her home in Orpington, where you will receive an individual card reading, (related to your chakras) and an optional cup of Cacao.

Sophie and her partner Joe are both Reiki Practitioners (Joe is a Reiki Master) and he will be providing some short Reiki treatments before the Sound Bath to help you further relax into it.

There is also an optional cup of Raw Ceremonial Grade Cacao, which is fantastic for mediation and helps to open the heart and deepen the experience.

Private Sound Healings

You can book in with Sophie for an hour of Sound Bowls in her Cabin, or treat yourself to a Reiki session with Joe and Sophie will assist with a sound healing at the same time.

Perfect for anyone who requires more privacy or time and care.

You can also experience Sophie's bowls at her monthly Cacao Covern.