"I had the pleasure of experiencing yoga with Sophie on a retreat in Southern Spain recently and it is easy to say it was one of the most wonderful and satisfying experiences of my life.


The combination of yoga classes, nutritious food, perfect location, and great people made the experience truly uplifting and energising.


I had not attended yoga classes with Sophie before, so was keen to see how her yoga teaching compared. Sophie is an experienced and confident yoga teacher, attentive to each person in her class, all of whom had a wide variety of needs from the class.


She is wise beyond her years, bringing a truly enlightened soul and deeply personal approach to her class - keen to work to each persons body limits, careful where she needs to be, but pushing those that can to go outside their comfort zone - an incredibly difficult skill that she makes look easy.


I feel so blessed to have been able to be part of her classes on this retreat, and can’t wait to do so more - it may sound overly dramatic but Sophie really does care for everyone that participates in her classes, wanting the best for them always, and wanting to share the life changing benefits she herself has gained from yoga with as many of us as possible - I’m one of the lucky ones and you could be too. Get on one of her classes!!"




"Wow .. Sophie has helped me hugely in my personal journey. Her combination of yoga with the chakra work awoke something so deep within me. I released so much. I am honestly a different woman now. I carry around such a sense of peace and love which has stayed with me. Sophie is supportive, honest, loving, giving and such a special lady. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a massive part of my enlightenment. You absolutely rock and i shall be forever grateful for the gifts galore you gave me. With a million gratitude x"



"Thank you so much Sophie for teaching me to learn about my inner strength, your knowledge is unbelievable, i gained so much from your workshops.  You are an amazing person, i loved your honesty and passion x thank you for being part of the retreat, i am still flying."


"I've got to admit the first time I took one of your classes, which was on a yoga retreat and we had never met before, I was in awe of you but thought never in a thousand years would I ever be able to manage the poses. It seemed so fast and flowing and I felt so slow, I wasn't looking forward to the next day, I didn't like it, but please read on because you are just the yoga teacher that I needed to push me out of my comfort zone, it didn't take you long to find out my weak areas and taught me how to tweak the poses to suit me, you also re-inforced in me that we don't and sometimes can't all move in the same way and that's okay.  The lesson I learnt was that Ego will not allow you to grow if you keep doubting yourself and not ask for help when needed.  You also knew that and when I was struggling you would come and suggest a different pose, don't get me wrong I thought you were tough and challenging but I'm quite lazy and I needed pushing.  I'm so glad you pushed us. By the end of just 5 days I didn't want it to end I felt my posture strengthen, I felt stronger, and I walked uphill from the beach to the lodge I haven't been able to do that (without oxygen) in years. Lol  It rounded up my last night at the retreat on such a high.  I felt the confidence to do more and I loved the workshops you held, Sophie you have a great ability for explaining yoga, the poses and the meanings of the chakras and how our thoughts and emotions can impact on them.  I am a working progress but thanks to you and Tasha and the guys I had the privilege to be with at the retreat I feel able..and not disabled. 

I nearly forgot the most special present of all, not only introducing me to 'Love within' where I had my mini meltdown but felt so much love and pain it's hard to put into words because I'm no good at expressing myself, but I felt more love from you and my fellow yogi's than I have for such a long time I'd forgotten how closed off it has made me.

When you came over to me that morning during (I think you could call it my Awakening) I felt you, I felt your love and you have such a beautiful soul it glows from you, that picture of you with the sun at the perfect position whilst you were in pose summed that up for me.  And I nearly forgot the most special gift from my fairy godmother friend for life Ms. Driver, that Indian head massage OMG the most relaxed and at peace you made me feel so at ease Sophie you have magic in your hands, I think I may have even dropped off it was over too quick! Lol! 


Thank you Sophie."



"I’d just like to share and thank you for the most amazing sunrise yoga practices we have just returned from experiencing. 
You completely touched my soul and healed my heart from some deep rooted issues. 
Your one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with and for this I’m truly grateful."



"Just a quick message to thank you for a wonderful workshop today. I found it really challenging in so many different ways. 
I had break throughs and was able to achieve positions which I have never been able to do. I was also able to hold poses for much longer than I have ever held. 
You have helped me untold and I am and will be forever grateful to you for this. I had not done yoga for a very long time and coming to your class and workshops have reinvigorated my love not only for yoga but for exercise. It has become a part of my daily routine now, for the last six weeks.... and continuing on. 
From your class I have found concentration, focus and posture. I don’t know how you have managed to do this but all I can say is thank you. 
I know I am a growing human and I am sure that part of this is because of what you have shown me. Not only in the form of the yoga but also the love you give to everyone in the class."




"I truly believe people are brought into your life for a reason and Sophie has definitely come as a gift. 

Her passion for learning and teaching all aspects of yoga is remarkable, giving her all for others to benefit from, in order for them to also better their lives. 

Sophie's first joint venture running a yoga retreat in Spain (May 2019) was a huge success for all, taking it to a meaningful deeper level, far exceeding my expectations. 

An amazing life changing experience which i will cherish forever. 

Thanks to Sophie's hard work and effort, what i gain from her knowledge is priceless.  An inspirational role model, new friend and an honour to know.  Feeling blessed"





"Sophie's Spanish retreat was amazing.  I would highly recommend it.  I was able to thoroughly relax and be guided as to how to be honest and real, with like minded individuals, in a safe, supportive group.  Her dedication to help all of us to open our hearts and make changes in order to heal and grow has been very inspiring - she really cares. Her knowledge and dedication are to be applauded.  She pushes you out of your comfort zone with your best intentions at the forefront. I look forward to going on more retreats with Sophie in the future."



"Wow! This retreat was everything i expected and more! Sophie worked us had but has given so much help and i really feel that i've improved in the last few days here.  She is very insightful and helped those who wanted to off load and took it all on in a sympathetic, empathetic and insightful way, assisted by Nicole who was also amazing and a great listener.  Thank you both.  I can really recommend Sophie's retreats.  Food also great."

"Great yoga, Sophie you put your heart and soul into every session, it was amazing.  An emotional roller coaster (but in a good way).  It made the experience unforgettable.  Thank you" 


"Although everyone on the retreat was older than Sophie, she has wisdom and life experience beyond her years. I came away not knowing anybody but went home feeling that we all got on very well and hopefully will keep in touch."



"Thank you Sophie for working tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional experience.

 The retreat came together in such a way it left all of us feeling connected and blessed. I believe I found a little piece of myself that I didn’t know I was searching for and I return home with a renewed lease of life to take on life challenges with grace and smile.

 I will also like to sincerely thank Nicole who also worked so hard to help you create such a wonderful experience. 

 Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart.  Namaste xxx"


"I found Sophie about 6 months ago and after my first class with her, I was amazed with her knowledge, skills and experience. It was just what I was looking for at the time. 

Soon after, she informed me of the retreat in Spain she was organising and I knew I wanted to go on my first retreat with Sophie. 

The villa was amazing - clean, spacious and in a beautiful location. The included meals were incredible. Both yoga practices in the morning and evening were different and challenging yet enjoyable. The workshops Sophie conducted were very informative. Among other things, it involved an in-depth discussion of the different chakras and the effects on the mind and the body. There was so much harmony and support within the group and I came away from the retreat with a renewed sense of inspiration and clarity. The whole experience during the retreat was exceptional and so much fun and I shall be returning!

I have continued my practice with Sophie and with her guidance,  I have improved both in mind and body. I am grateful our paths crossed! "


"Great experience, well organised and structured and a testament to Sophie's knowledge, skill and passion. Would happily repeat it."